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  • Belmont Migration Lawyers are currently based in Sri Lanka, Germany and Italy, engaging with student visa recruitments, visit/business visit/ tourism visa, Appeals on visa refusals/rejections, company incorporations in Europe and Sri Lanka for migration purposes, investment opportunities in Europe and Sri Lanka, and International refugee and migration law consulting.
    It has been 10 years since we have been practicing migration law and we have a number of successful stories in this journey. We are a committed team to serve you the highest quality service.

Our Practice Areas

Student Visa

We mainly recruit students to public universities in Germany. Most of the public universities are free from tuition fees. You can study either in English or German languages and there are two semesters in October(Winter) and April (Summer) per academic year. Basically you need to pass Advanced Level in order to secure a place in a public university in Germany. IELTS is also a prerequisite of admission procedure. Latvia is one of the low cost tuition fee countries in Europe. They have two semesters in February and September per year. It is needed to pass your Advanced Level with either IELTS or English Test conducted by the relevant. Lithuania is another country where we recruit students as it is also better for low cost tuition fees. Apart from these countries we recruit students for Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark too upon the request. They have only one semester per year in September. France, The Netherlands and Italy also have attractive tuition fees and we do recruit students for those countries too. There are different prerequisites for bachelors and masters depending on the country you apply to.

Visit/Tourist/Business Visit

We do applications for visit/tourist and business visit visas for all over the world. It is mandatory to do a pre consultation before you lodge your visa application. There are certain requirements to be fulfilled in order to get your visa. Financial stability, travel history, profession and assets of an applicant is vital to get the visa. We direct and advise our clients about the visa requirements of certain countries.

Visa Refusals/Rejections

Visa refusals and visa rejections happen sometimes. We undertake visa refusals and visa rejections in great concern. We have many successful stories regarding student visa and visit/tourist/business visa refusals and rejections. We counter visa refusals and rejections with great commitment to fulfil the requirement of our clients.


We undertake to train students for language courses. We provide tutors for English and German language and other languages upon your request.

Company Incorporations in Europe

We do assist our clients to set up companies and business in Europe with affordable fees starting from affordable prices and arrange residence permits. The companies can be set up remotely while you are in the country of residence.

Blue Permits/Cards in Europe

The EU Blue Card program is designed to make Europe a more attractive destination for professionals from outside the European Union. All EU member states -except the United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland- issue the EU Blue Card. To an extent the EU Blue Card program is a merit-based system; interpreting a person with ‘merits’ as one who received adequate education or, through professional experience, possesses sought-after skills. The EU Blue Card is not points-based; either you have the education or skills, or you do not. Three key conditions are to be met in order to request the EU Blue Card. Non-EU citizenship, Educated or professionally experienced, Employment contract or binding employment offer are the main three factors to get an EU Blue card/permit.

Resident Permits in Europe

We undertake to process resident permits of non EU citizens in some specified countries in Europe. Certain countries have residence permit programs for non EU citizens.

Job Seeking Visa in Germany

Only professionals with a recognized foreign academic degree or a recognized foreign vocational training can apply for this visa. You are only considered as a qualified professional if your qualifications are recognized in Germany or are equivalent to a German degree or diploma. The Germany job seeker visa is a type of long-term visa which entitles you to stay in Germany for up to six months and search for a job.

Au Pair in Germany and Other European Countries

Au pairs are young people who are taken into a family in return for performing a set range of regular tasks in normal family life (child care, light housework), in particular to improve their language abilities and expand their general education by helping them become more familiar with their host country. You need to have A1 language proficiency as a basic requirement for this visa.

Company Incorporation, investments and residence permits in Sri Lanka

We undertake company incorporation, residence visas and investment opportunities for foreigners who are interested in Sri Lanka. Company incorporation can be done remotely while they are in the country of residence. We do coordinate with the Board of Investment (BOI) and other relevant authorities.

Online Police Reports/ Translations/ Foreign Ministry Certifications

We undertake to apply for your police reports/Educational certificates online and post you with foreign ministry certifications on your requirement and Courts related documents/ Birth Certificates/ Marriage Certificates etc translations and foreign ministry certifications.

Seaman/Motorman Courses

We recruit students who are interested in Seaman and Motorman courses in Europe. Seaman/STCW course is a short course which runs for 3-4 months while the motorman course runs for upto one year with paid internship on board.

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Achala Kumarasiri (Germany)

Attorney at Law,
LLB (Colombo) LLM (UK) LLM(Germany)

Migration Consultant

Anuradha Guruge (Sri Lanka)

Attorney at Law, LLB(Colombo)

Corporate and Migration Consultant



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